Sunday, September 20, 2009

Zealous Zorros Zip Zip Zipping Senor Zero

Mortal mind is a will-o'-the wisp, but it is no blithe wish-away will-o'-the-wisp. It's sinister wisps must be found out and dispelled one by one, and the better equipped (spiritually) we are the easier the task will be. Many wisps will not be eradicated until they are brought to trial (in our consciousness) in the Court of Spirit and a verdict rendered against each of these gossamer lies of Personal Sense. Our court docket may need to be kept full while we emerge from sense to Soul.

With the Bible and Science and Health as the Clausewitzes in our spiritual warfare, we should vigorously pursue each error in our thinking to its inevitable destruction. One of history's most brilliant conversationalists and arguers was Dr. Samuel Johnson. He relished a spirited verbal engagement, the probem being that he often continued his assault after the hapless adversary had been vanquished. Oliver Goldsmith said of Johnson: "There is no arguing with Johnson: for if his pistol misses fire, he knocks you down with the butt end of it." False belief does need to be confronted with that degree of vigor, but we must not lose sight of the fact that it is Truth that does the work, not us, and that a too energetic attack might have the opposite effect of making more a reality of evil than it is--which is to say no reality at all, a mere will-o'-the-wisp.

". . . the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds" (II Cor 10: 4).

Note: In reference to the previous entry, of course God is no mere chef or even chief, and man is more than a scullion. It was a flawed analogy. I changed the title of the entry on the wing, as it were, but could not afterward verify anywhere that a "pearl diver" was an accepted droll moniker for a dishwasher, which I was once in my youth. A person who dived for pearls was one who, humorously, washed dishes. Maybe a D for effort on that one.


Southern CA said...

Dear Whoever you are,
Had to look at that title more than once. You are so clever with words. Well done, I must say. And I agree with your last para.
God is certainly more than a chef or a chief.

Best from the UK said...

Goodness me, you are one facile individual. What a website you have here. Always get a kick out of seeing what you've been mulling over.
Well worth a stop by this evening.

God bless you, blogger said...

I admire people like you who not only have talent, but are using it to further Christian Science.
You are helping many, I know.

L. R. said...

Love the Bible quote you gave. Not by our intelligence nor might do we prevail, but through Christ's power. Nothing the carnal mind can argue to us can stand up to divine all-power.

Honululu C.S. said...

Like that phrase, "the gossamer web of mortal lies." And that's all they are, we learn as we go along overcoming human problems through realizing God's all power and everpresence.
Aren't we grateful for Christian Science!

Anonymous, like you...still said...

Well written, as the blog postings always are where you are concerned. A real pleasure reading someone who knows his way around words.
All the best to you,

Richmond, VA said...

Dear Writer,
I can see why your website is recommended, and widely read. It is the freshest CS writing I've seen, and I hope you keep turning them out for us.

W. T. said...

An excellent site you have here, sir or madam. I do believe I would tune in to your blog just for the titles. Amazing!

An Ohio regular said...

Thanks for a very creative blog. I so enjoy reading what you have to share.
Great job!

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine how pleased our Leader would be with the deep attention you are giving to CS and the efforts you are making to demonstrate its truths better.
Inspiring to me.

NYC said...

Not sure I understand your title, blogger, but I sure do like the way you express yourself.
So original. Do continue doing what you do so well.

Mike said...

Just love your really alive blog! And just about always learn new words.
Thanks much,

Appreciation from NH said...

I'll bet you're glad someone came up with the Internet so you can post these excellent pieces anytime you feel like it. (Which you couldn't do with the periodicals.)
Keep 'em coming, will you?

Edinburgh said...

Dear Blogger,
If you're not already in the Journal, I imagine you will be shortly. You give the impression of such humility and devotion to the teachings of divine Science.
You are blessing many with your essays.

Los Angeles said...

I've been enjoying reading your website for awhile now, and I want you to know how much it is helping me. Not always easy trying to demonstrate God's power, but I appreciate everything that helps me in this direction.

Best, E. J. said...

A very fine website, and one I regularly visit. Fresh writing, very intelligent expression of metaphysical concepts.

With my thanks, said...

Such a pleasure reading a blog with pure Christian Science statements on it.
Do continue whata you are doing!

Oxford said...

Another original little essay, blogger.
Thanks for a refreshing, informative blog.

Birmingham (UK) said...

Dear Writer,
I found a reference to one of your blog posts, under Google UK written last November on being a fisher of men. I thought it quite excellent, and have been reading your more recent entries.
You write very well, and are thought-provoking.
Thank you,

LowlyWise said...

THe NY Times on Wednesday had an fascinating article about gossamer, the silk that comes from certain spiders, and it seems that there is a company devoted to making 100% gossamer cloth. It is very beautiful.

I felt that there is a more than casual use of the gossamer metaphor by Christian. This thread, while barely thick enough to see, is many times stronger than steel. Thus, "the gossamer web of mortal lies" shouldn't be dissmissed out of hand. It is tough, resilient, and not as easily got rid of as Honolulu seems to imply. That's not to say that the truth of Science can't shatter it: it can, and does. But if we use such a metaphor we need to be aware of all that it implies, so we know just what work is cut out for us in exposing this subtle and tenacious strength. Then we can say to it, as does Alice when she realizes just what the Duchess' intimidation is, "You're only a pack of cards!"

Thanks, Christian, for your continuing wit and wisdom.

Anonymous said...

With the marginal heading Error's power imaginary, Mary Baker Eddy in Science & Health refers (403:14-20) to the "gossamer web of mortal illusion" being swept away. It seems clear that her thinking is, no matter how "strong" the claim, that these webs spun with the threads of unreality, have no adequate attachment to those who see them as illusion.