Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Vain seasons ebb and flow. The summer's heat
Now yields to coming dark and cold, a feat
Of nascent winter. Dazzling roses fade
In dour display of floral pasquinade.

The dust dry petals fling into the air
Remind the hungry heart of earth's despair.
O loose eternally the mortal curse
And find hid sacred pearls to bless your purse.

Why not this day depart from fears and fade-
Less blessings gain, your tainted fleshly shade
Put off? What blooms in holy solitude?
The rose of Sharon, God's beatitude.

Note: The source given for the title of the second entry prior to this one was "Westminster Chimes". I presume it is a poetic setting to the famous chimes of Big Ben. The entire short poem is:
Lord, through this hour
Be Thou our Guide,
So by Thy power
No foot shall slide.


Newport Beach, CA said...

Beautiful poem, blogger. What a way to finish a happy Thanksgiving Day. Trust yours (wherever you are) was the same.

New York City said...

Sitting here at Starbucks having hot chocolate and decided to check out your website. I think you are definitely a poet. Really like this one!

Best from UK said...

Didn't expect you to post something on Thanksgiving (I'm assuming you are in the USA--don't know exactly why) but glad I stopped by. A lovely offering!

Best from the UK said...

Just did a comment, apparently didn't go through so will try again. Didn't expect you to blog on your Thanksgsiving Day (assume you are in the USA, don't know exactly why). A lovely offering, this.

Boston regular said...

This is the second poem I've seen from your pen, and I would say you have a talent for poetry. Do keep giving us more.
This one is beautiful.

A Florida fan said...

Love this poem of yours! You must have a book (or books) of poetry out somewhere and if you would only disclose your name, I'd get a copy.

Appreciation (Ohio) said...

Very nice poem, blogger. You seem to have a facility for poetry, as well as prose.

Susan said...

Just love your Thanksgiving 2009 posting. Especially like the way you mention nature in your poem. Hope you will do more. I mean it!

L. R. said...

Really like this poem, and as others feel, hope you will post more for us. I think you have a lot to say, mystery writer.

New Hampshire said...

Such a beautiful poem, blogger. To do what you say, this is our work and thank God we have the means through CS to overcome mortal mind's curse.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Enjoyed reading this, and writing a little poetry myself, hope you'll post more.
Have a great day.

St. Louis stopping by said...

Hope you had a happy day yesterday. I like this poem a lot, but sometime explain to me the meaning of the last line. I would be interested.

West Coast viewer said...

I don't see why this latest poem of yours would not be an addition to the Journal. Hope you're thinking of submitting it.
Very beautifull.

Patrick said...

In my opinion, you are not only adept at writing prose, well more than that, actually quite talented. And I see you have what it takes to do poetry as well.

Cambridge said...

A very fine poem you've shared with us. Thanks much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing up the title of your previous blog post. I, too, was wondering where it came from.
And, I really like your lovely poem.

Hartford, CT said...

Thanks for another inspiring blog posting. A beautiful poem, so well crafted (in my humble opinion.)

H. B. said...

Well done, blogger/poet. Want to know my favorite line? The one about being done with the mortal curse. Amen to this!