Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Thoughts (2009)

Christmas Thoughts (2009)

The muezzin of the infinite and light-emblazoned firmament
Marked the nightly vigils' silent and meditative hours
Of those wakeful, watchful shepherds, Scientific avatars,
Who pondered not dusty constellations of earth's deceptions,
But the higher lessons witnessed in God's refulgence,
Thus to behold the glow of that eldrich eastern star,
Herald of Jesus' nativity, Light's advent in the flesh.
That event was once and not to be repeated,
Yet for those whose receptive hearts wander wearily
Among the darkly lighted trails and travails of mortality
The promise of that holy dawn blesses all eternally.


Christmas greetings from London said...

What a Christmas present you've given us, blogger. Thank you for a perfectly beautiful poem.

Helen said...

Just thought I'd check my favorite website, and am delighted to find your lovely poem. I will think about what you've shared. Thanks so much for doing this, and have a wonderful Christmas Day.

A very merry Christmas (CA) said...

I love it! Especially the last 3 lines. These really speak to me, and I know they will bless many of your readers as well.

L. R. said...

Well done, indeed (in my limited view of poetry.) That Scientific avatar a nice touch.

Happy Christmas from Impressed said...

Well done, poet. While I'm not into writing poems myself, I sure enjoy seeing someone who can compose the way you do.

Hartford, CT said...

A very fine poem, with much to ponder, and I appreciate your doing this.
A wonderful day tomorrow, to you and your family (if you have one.)

Boston regular said...

Goody, you've done another poem for us. I really love this one!
Happy Christmas Day, writer/poet.

Cambridge said...

Thank you for giving your readers such inspiring thoughts in your excellent poem. A most lovely day to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

A very merry Christmas to my favorite writer on CS topics. And now, a poet, too! Look forward to more poems from you, blogger.

Florida Practitioner said...

A truly lovely poem, and I can't imagine the Journal wouldn't be thrilled to get it. Send it in!

Long-time viewer said...

Do you know the most important word in your poem, in my opinion? The Name that is above every other Name--Jesus.
Thanks for sharing with us...

Hello from Honululu said...

Decided to check out your website, and what did I find? But a lovely Christmas gift to your readers.
Thank you and Happy Day to you,

Ohio CS said...

Really do like this poem. You express your inspired thoughts so very well, and I think we're fortunate to have you blogging on Christian Science issues.

W. R. said...

This is what a true poem should be like, in my humble view--not the fluffy stuff we see too much in other places.
Thanks for posting!

Happy Day from California said...

Ooh, I like this poem, especially where you point out that Christ Jesus was Light's advent in the flesh.
Well done indeed.

Appreciation from NH said...

There is so much in your latest poem to think about, which is I guess what poetry is all about. A few words I'm not familiar with, but think I got the drift of what you wanted to say.
You write so well.

P. W. said...

Hi there,
I have no idea what muezzin means, but all in all, really think this is well written.
THanks for posting,

A faithful viewer (FL) said...

Love that final line in your poem. Ends on such an up beat.
Thanks for doing,

Chicago (R.E.) said...

WHile I'm hardly qualified to judge a poem, think this may be your best. At least, I really enjoyed getting to read it.
Happy 2010 blogger!

London (UK) said...

Trust you had a wonderful Christmas time, and I want to wish you and yours the best New Year ever. Keep those inspiring, well-written poems and essays coming along.

Anonymous said...

I returned to your pre-Christmas blog where you commented on the Rose of Sharon reference.
Decided to share our Christmas card with you which is The Partridge in a Pear Tree decoded:
the Partridge is Christ Jesus
2 turtle doves....Old and New Testaments
3 French Hens..Faith, Hope & Love
4 Calling Birds..4 Gospels
5 Golden Rings..Torah or Law
6 Geese a-laying..6 days of creation
7 Swans a-swimming..Sevenfold Gifts of the Holy Spirit
8 Milkmaids..8 Beatitudes
9 Ladies dancing...9 fruits of the Holy Spirit
10 Lords a-leaping..commandments
11 Pipers..eleven faithful disciples
12 drummers..12 Points of belief in the Apostle's Creed
The Carol was written as R.C. catachism when R.C. were not permitted to practice their faith between 1558 and 1829 in England.

Seeker of Truth in DE said...

Unfortunately I've only just found this blog, so can only correct the preceding comment now, long after it was written. This story of the Christmas carol is apparently not true. According to Wikipedia, the song wasn't even published until around 1780 and the theory about it relating to catechism wasn't published until 1979. See