Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Another of many reasons why study of Christian Science from the books themselves is essential is that when studying the Bible Lessons, one always has at his fingertips in Science and Health Chapter XVIII, "Fruitage". Exerpts from this inspiring chapter will never appear (at least one hopes not) in the full-text lessons. It should also be clear that reading or browsing in the lesson is not the same thing as studying it, any more than a cow's bovine grazing is the act of digestion and conversion of the grass or hay into energy, meat, or milk.

The letters/testimonies in "Fruitage" are healings based solely on each writer's own reading and assimilation of Science and Health. The humble, trustful, childlike receptivity to Truth these letters exemplify should be ever encouraging to any Christian Scientist.

There are also "Letters from those Healed" in Miscellaneous Writings. Two that stand out are probably by the same person, Sam (in one) and S. G. (in the other) Schroyer of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (pp. 435-36 and 439-40). Mr. Schroyer's modesty, faith, humility, and demonstration are most affecting and should be an object lesson for any struggling heart.

Both groups of testimonies also reinforce the importance of gratitude.


Anonymous said...

How I agree with you that being grateful to God for all we have in Christian Science is so important. How many times I have been helped by the testimonies you mention, as well as those shared in Wednesday evening testimony meetings and in the periodicals. Where would we be without CS!

Anonymous said...

Yes, being grateful is a wonderful thing to do. And it helps in healing.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us,

Anonymous said...

To our beloved, Christian Science