Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Perils of a Pocket-size Pitfall

Obedience to the daily and general Church Manual requirements, prayer, and study of the Bible and Science and Health should form the core of a Christian Scientist's daily life. If the weekly Bible Lesson is the only exposure he has to the textbooks, and it should not be, the books themselves should at least be used.

The evils of the full-text Bible Lessons have been commented on before, but it should be reiterated that resorting to this shortcut can quickly become an addictive habit for dilettantes and offer the lethargic student an easy way of "doing" the lesson, though at least they are no longer the trivial "thoughts for a week". Additionally, the fell-text lessons give the impression that Christian Science can be learned and lived via a convenient-to-take, one-a-day spiritual vitamin pill.

Thirty years or so ago two enterprising members of my Association decided to start a little home business by printing out and selling a full text of the weekly lessons. The teacher, a rock-solid Christian Scientist, informed the entrepreneurs that if they didn't stop that activity immediately they would be put out of the Association because we study the books themselves, not printed exerpts therefrom. They did obediently cease operations, only to see some years later the management in Boston succumb to a consuming desire to make money regardless of the trifling concessions to the serpent it involved.

Those for whom serious study of the Bible and writings of Mary Baker Eddy is an onerous task and not a joy are probably not ready for Christian Science. As Christ Jesus said: "... many are called, but few are chosen."


Anonymous said...

Find myself checking your blog each day. This latest well said. Adding rapidity to our piety is not the important thing, as you bring out--but feeling appreciation for the inspired Word of God.

Anonymous said...

I think its because our membership is old. We just need to see it in LARGE PRINT. But then again thats Boston for you. Something to ponder, thanks for your thoughts. Your ideas are truly ones to be about.

Anonymous said...

God bless you, dear man, for all the good you are doing for this Cause we love so much!
A long-time friend in MA