Monday, September 1, 2008

Christian Science and Homosexuality

Homosexuality is incompatible with with Christian Science and, for that matter, pure Christianity. There is no hazy or moot middle ground if one is clear about the demands of either.

This does not mean, of course, that homosexual men and women are not welcome in Christian Science churches, but to flaunt it or even be unabashedly open about it should disqualify such persons from elected or appointed offices or even from active membereship.

If a homosexual man or woman is willing to recognize the error of such a lifestyle and is prayerfully attempting overcome it, then he is making an effort to live the life of a Christian Scientist and should be treated as such. But homosexuals today tend to demand acceptance on their terms on any front of their choosing and to be treated as if they embodied some enviable, cutting-edge existence.

What makes this more than an intellectual discussion is that when churches are forced to confront the desire of an unapologetic homosexual to join and serve, it can cause serious and wholly unnecessary rifts in the membership. It is regrettable that many Scientists are not as absolute and clear on this issue as they should be. To stand firm against the acceptance of homosexuality is not unloving, but respectful of God, Christ Jesus, and our Leader, which is a Christian Scientist's duty. Those who would force the issue are the self-righteous, inconsiderate, unloving ones.

This also appears to be yet another instance of Boston's standardless standard-bearing exacerbating an issue.


Anonymous said...

Get a rope

Anonymous said...

Although I have a hard time agreeing with you as I find your blog judgmental and self righteous, I have to agree 100 percent with you on this one! It is a shame that the very nature of the religion sort of makes it uncomfortable to have to deal with an issue so in the forefront of our times. The tendency of Christian Scientists to deny and look away from error, many times just allows it to fester and enter into the midst of truth. Further, the nature of the denial of mortality also negates the urgency to wake up to the "mortal expression" of what homosexuals call "love". Like it or not, God made male and female for the purpose of procreation --mortal yes, but that's what's between our legs for now.

Anonymous said...

I disagree a great deal with this. I believe people in homosexual partnerships are more than able to practice Christian Science. Indeed, Mary Baker Eddy said that sin is non-existant; just an illusion. She said also to live morally. Although I wouldn't call certain lifestyles embraced by the homosexual community as moral, I feel that a relationship, monogamous and loving, is the same with people of any gender.
I would personally say anyone going against the two commandments of Christ Jesus, namely Love thy God above all, and Love thy Neighbour as thyself, would be unable to practice Christian Science. Indeed, our Science is Christian . I would also point out the above "anonymous" that one could interpret the Genesis account of creation as having androgyny in humanity, or having both aspects of male in female in humans.

I sincerely hope you find you way to "Love thy Neighbour as thyself".

Anonymous said...

I see that this conversation is years old, but I will put in my 2 cents worth anyway ...

This reminds me of decades ago, when Blacks had to sit in the back of some Christian Science churches when I was a child. No less a person than my Sunday School teacher (in Texas) made the comment that "we may have to accept them as equal, but God didn't say we have to sit with them."

Thank goodness, times have changed.

My Christian Science Primary Class teacher (also in Texas) was asked about church membership for homosexuals. His answer was interesting. He said that marriage was required of two people living together. In other words, a heterosexual couple cohabitating without benefit of marriage would not, in his opinion, be considered for church membership. Now that marriage is legal in some states for homosexuals, it would be interesting to hear his updated response.

None of us Christian Scientists are yet perfect. We are each making our own demonstrations. Let any homosexual person make their own demonstration in their own time, and welcome them into the church in the meantime. "Judge not, less ye be judged".