Friday, September 5, 2008

Limited Horizons Dispelled

A frisky horse in a corral may dash exuberantly to and fro, gallop about wildly, and kick up its heels. By the end of a day it may have covered several miles, but it still ends the day where it started. Dedicated Christian Scientists who are working daily for a greater understanding of Christian Science and an ability to demonstrate it better and more decisively may well do so with the zest and vigor of the horse in the corral and yet find themselves with little more insight and inspiration at day's end than they had at day's beginning.

One reason for this could be that one is mentally gamboling about too willy-nilly, like the horse, withut a methodical, focussed approach to study. Another reason could be that one has unconsciously built over many years a sturdy, comforting, spiritual corral for himself, outside of which his thinking never ventures. It may be that the mental corral is the evidence of a need for more childlike trust in God, more obedience to the duties and obligations one accepts as a Christian Scientist, or more Christlike love for God and man. But whatever the mesmeric error or errors, unrelenting working, watching, and praying will remove the fence around the corral and open the way out of stagnation and darkness and into fresh pastures of light.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your fresh, original writing on an all-important topic--Christian Science in the world today. Boy, do you write well, my friend. Especially like the last sentence in this offering.
Keep up the good work, and God bless you...