Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More About Hymnals

Something is being done on the hymnal front after all (see the previous entry), but not what was hoped for. Supplements (plural) will apparently be issued periodically beginning in November, though it's unclear if each will have a few, several, or many hymns included.

They are looking for additional suggestions, but the appeal would seem to be aimed at the target audience, whoever that is, for the Journal and Sentinel, and probably even spirituality.com, so traditional Scientists (for lack of a better term) may once again be facing Boston's music, so to speak. Maybe we will soon be having cheery sing-alongs and karaoke solos, a chilling but frugal prospect. Or a hard-driving heavy metal setting of "Shepherd, show me how to go".

To summarize, the sober conclusion at the end of the last entry will almost certainly not be invalidated by this recent development. If something appears to be a good thing, as Martha would say, its intent may only be to separate Scientists from their shekels.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like MAM to me.