Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Not marble, nor the gilded monuments" (Part 2)

Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy both demonstrated that an imposing venue is not necessary or even desirable for a sermon or a service. So far as we know, most of Christ Jesus' itinerant ministry was accomplished en plein air. Too much emphasis on the visually engaging might well be a deterrent to some who are uncomfortable in such surroundings.

The substance of a church is not what is material without, but what is spiritual within. It is Truth, Life, and Love expressed in the lives of members and the resulting Christly atmosphere emanating therefrom which will attract "honest seekers" to our churches. It is not possible to attract everyone.

Christian Science may have flouished best before there was the preoccupation with buildings, business meetings, committees, and grounds-keeping. "Our proper reason for church edifices is, that in them Christians may worship God,--not that Christians may worship church edifices!" (Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellany 162: 21-24)


Anonymous said...

How true this is, thinking Christian Scientist. Especially like what you say about it's the Christly atmosphere of a church, or any group really, that alone can attract those hungry for Truth.

Anonymous said...

Its a good thing all the churchs are being sold off city by city, they should sell the mother church too.

Anonymous said...

How right on you are! Christian Science can not and will not flouish untill all these material issues of edifices are delt with.

Anonymous said...

The church in Jackson Mississippi meets in a store front in a strip mall, right next to a dry cleaner,