Friday, September 12, 2008

Secularism & Existentialism in C.S. Churches

The Church Manual requires that the periodicals be "kept abreast of the times" (and we'll leave that subject there), but Mrs. Eddy doesn't say The Mother Church and branch churches must also "get with the times".

For churches to live up to the definition of church in Science and Health, undeviating adherence to the Church Manual is required. Period. Neither the Church Manual nor churches need a 21st Century makeover.

For years secularism and existentialism have been slipping silently into Christian Science churches on their little cat feet. They have come inobtrusively as tempting suggestions, perhaps as enlightened "spirituality" or the need to jazz things up a bit for those young folks with microsecond attention spans.

It also appears in a benign attitude toward those who would like to glide unimpeded between medicine and Mind, sybaritism and Spirit, or self-indulgence and Soul. Christian Science churches seem desperate at times to keep up with the Joneses and have made us-too attempts to spice up services a tad.

"Why can't going to church be good for me and fun too?" If that question hovers insistently in someone's thought it may mean Christian Science isn't for him any more than muzzy "spirituality", secularism, existentialism, and hootenannies are for Christian Science churches.

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