Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Christian Science Standard of Healing

It may not be essential that Christian Scientists have the Standard of Healing, since it is derived from Science and Health. But "The Christian Science Standard of Healing" is a clean, clear, uncompromising statement which originally appeared in the November 1957 Journal.

This standard is based on Mrs. Eddy's definitive statement on page 167 of Science and Health and can only bless, uplift, and support anyone who adheres faithfully to it.

The 1957 Standard should not be confused with either of the feeble, milquetoast twins who appeared in the Journal a few years ago. The first of these offspring was quickly spurned, only to be immediately replaced in a second issuing of the same Journal by the second. They are Tweeledum and Tweeledee and, for many, are embarrassing as well as useless. It isn't advisable to make a friend of either.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your article,"The Christian Science Standard of Healing". I feel Mary Baker Eddy would certainly be proud of such a loyal follower of her teachings!

A fellow traveler