Sunday, August 17, 2008

"'twere well it were done quickly"

It is an arguable premise that the Christian Science Church has imperceptibly etiolated over the past two or three decades until it has become today a nearly invisible irrelevancy. The large number of branch church closings in recent years is confirmation of this assertion.

Even if one disagrees with this premise, he would very hard pressed to produce any evidence that the Christian Science Church is today vigorous and growing. The recent consolidation of personnel in Boston is yet another sign of this slow withering.

Since the chief distinguishing characteristic of Christian Science is, no doubt, Christianly scientific healing, one reason for this decline is undoubtedly a failure of Christian Scientists, and ergo The Mother Church and its branches, to demonstrate in sufficient measure Article XXX, Section 7, of the Church Manual.

It is imperative that all who claim to be sincere and loyal (loyal to Mary Baker Eddy, that is) Christian Scientists resolve to lift themselves to a much higher level of prayer and demonstration if the Church is to survive and prosper. A failure to do so will doubtlessly result in the continuation of a moribund Church lapsing ever more surely into complete inertness.


Anonymous said...

Very well done.

Anonymous said...

"one reason for this decline is undoubtedly a failure of Christian Scientists"

Shame on them! Those bad Christian Scientists! They HAVE to be stopped