Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Good and the Ugly

One way Christian Scientists can achieve more respect for, appreciation for, and obedience to their Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, is to read a good biography of her. For many, the best is that by Robert Peel, published in three volumes between 1966 and 1977. It is carefully researched, respectful, well-written, and illuminating. It is hard to forsee the need for a better one.

Many of the older standard biographies are also fine, but are not as rich and detailed as the Peel.

If cocking a snook at Mrs. Eddy is one's idea of a good thing, then the fairly recent Gill biography should fill the bill. Why anyone with even a whiff of love, admiration, and respect for Mrs. Eddy would have anything to do with this detestable book is incomprehensible. That the Board of Directors of the Mother Church actively helped in the writing of this abomination and then pressed it joyously to their collective breast with a shameful benediction is deeply distressing.

There is also, of course, Mrs. Eddy's own brief, radiant, and inspiring autobiography. Retrospection and Introspection.


Anonymous said...

A friend just recommended this blog to me, and I'm so glad he did! I especially like this piece, and thank you for stating things so clearly. We cannot do enough to show love and respect for our dear Leader, Mary Baker Eddy.
All the best to you,

Anonymous said...

The 3rd volume of the Peel biography does NOT give a very good view of Mrs.Eddy.Where it states that there is nothing special about her. No where does Peel give her the proper place as 'The Woman of the Apocalypse', but instead writes that she was not Divinely chosen and it was ,apparently,mere chance that such a person wrote 'Science and Health'