Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vacuous Lectures

If you once enjoyed attending Christian Science lectures but now get the heebie-jeebies and fantods at the thought of some of the horrors that have passed for lectures in recent years, you are not alone. It also doesn't help that getting a lecturer is like hiring a mount from a stable full of nags. There are no doubt pleasant exceptions, but there is a much greater liklihood of getting Insipid than Inspiring.

One possible palliative to this situation is to read some first-rate lectures by past masters of the craft. Two who can be highly recommended are Edward A. Kimball and Dr. John M. Tutt. Copies of their lectures should be obtainable from The Bookmark. A catalog may be obtained by calling 800-220-7767 or from the internet at

Those of Paul Stark Seeley are also excellent if one can locate them. Many were undoubtedly published in the Christian Science Monitor if the lecture was given at The Mother Church.

The lectures of Kimball were given a century or so ago and those of Tutt about half of that, but they remain as fresh and meaty today as when they were originally given.

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Maybe you could book The Salvation Army?