Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Effortless Study

The Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health, as well as the other writings of Mary Baker Eddy, need to be constantly studied and pondered by any sincere student of Christian Science. Studied diligently, not gazed at fondly from a safe distance. It would be anomalous if these books were not vade mecums for any Christian Scientist worthy of the name.

The full-text Bible Lessons insidiously separates the would-be Christian Scientist from his textbooks. Studying the Bible lesson daily is not some sort of rude imposition to be fitted grimly into an odd scrap of free time. The Bible and writings of Mrs. Eddy need to be grappled with sedulously at close quarters, far closer than the prim, well-groomed confines of the full text Bible Lessons (so-called).

Mrs. Eddy says striving, not merely seeking, is necessary to enter the Way, to achieve understanding. A neat little pocket shortcut to real study and growth would seem to enable one to vegetate gently toward salvation without having to break a sweat and without wasting more of one's precious time than it takes to eat a bagel.

Only those who welcome the opportunity to avoid the effort of real study should succumb to the allure of this mesmerizing byway.

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever checked out the book of Romans? God is the one who does the work, not us. If we think it depends on our efforts, this leads to pride. We must come to Him as children.