Friday, August 15, 2008

Study Aid to MBE's Writings

An invaluable aid to the study of the writings of Mary Baker Eddy is "The Student's Reference Dictionary". It is an abridgment of the 19th Century Noah Websters "American Dictionary of the English Language" and contains nearly every word Mrs. Eddy used in her writings. It is one of the dictionaries, if not the only one, she used.

There are very few exceptions to completeness, such as "endue", the entry for which says see "indue", but that word is not included in the Student's Dictionary. However, the complete dictionary, as well as the Students Dictionary, is available from The Bookmark. See the previous blog entry for a phone number and web address for The Bookmark.

Many words have had a significant change in their definition since Mrs. Eddy used them, so it is most helpful to get as close as possible to the meanings she intended. She was very precise in her choice of words and used a very large vocabulary.

An emendation to the previous blog entry: The Bookmark does (or did) have a bound volume of at least some of the lectures of Paul Stark Seeley. He was one of the best and well worth reading.

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Christian: Did you know William Henry Alton? What did you think of his ideas? I would be interested to know what others thought as well.