Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Exemplary Christianity

Once upon a time one welcomed the opportunity to recommend all the Christian Science publications to anyone. Their daily, weekly, or monthly arrival was a joy. But that was once upon a time.

If one would like to read an unashamed and unadulterated Christian publication, he might like to try the biweekly magazine of The Salvation Army, The War Cry. No, it is not Christian Science, but it is unabashedly Christian, and the Salvation Army is a church which lives humble, selfless Christianity from top to bottom. With them there is no lust for title, money, or greatness.

There is also no evidence of megalomnia, moral idiocy, un-Christian behavior, mendacity, jesuitical influence, and self-righteous self-justification. The Salvation Army doesn't just talk goodness, humility, and Christliness; they live it.

A subscription to The War Cry is, by the way, quite inexpensive, and each issue always seems to contain an uplifting article or two even for a Christian Scientist.

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